Dorothy works with ambitious professionals and helps them to achieve what matters most to them with less stress and more ease. She helps people discover a more fulfilling way of navigating through life and work.

Dorothy is a wellbeing consultant committed to increasing awareness about human psychology in business to prevent burn-out, enhance resilience, creativity and productivity.

The Fulfilment Coach Personal Fulfilment

Personal Fulfilment

Most people go through a time in their life when challenges come from all sides, it can be difficult to trust that these transitions are opportunities for tremendous growth and deeper fulfilment…

The Fulfilment Coach Dorothy Martin Workplace Wellbeing

Wellbeing at Work

High levels of motivation, resilience and creativity are naturally available when people are healthy and happy, clear minded and free to think for themselves.

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  • It was exactly 4pm and I managed to arrive at London Liverpool Street station early. It was such a good feeling. I had some time to get a cup of tea and watch people passing by before meeting my coaching clients. I sat down and......

  • Karen arrived to our session rushed and hurried. It was our first meeting. In one breath, she offered me a flood of apologies and listed all reasons that made her run late. Still standing, gesturing and continuously checking her bag and her mobile, she kept......

  • When Sarah entered the room, I knew that something had happened. Her face, usually relaxed and smiling, now unveiled pain and upset. I could feel the heaviness she carried on her shoulders. Do you know those heavy days when the whole world rests on your......

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