Dorothy works with ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs to help them achieve what matters most with less effort and more ease. She loves supporting people on their journey towards deeper fulfilment in their professional and private lives.

Dorothy is a wellbeing consultant committed to increasing awareness about human dimension in business to prevent burn-out, enhance resilience, creativity and productivity. She facilitates environments where people and organisations can grow, thrive and prosper.

The Fulfilment Coach Dorothy Martin Personal Fulfilment

Personal Fulfilment

Most people go through a time in their life when challenges come from all sides, it can be difficult to trust that these transitions are opportunities for tremendous growth and deeper fulfilment…

The Fulfilment Coach Dorothy Martin Workplace Wellbeing

Wellbeing at Work

High levels of motivation, resilience and creativity are naturally available when people are healthy and happy, clear minded and free to think for themselves.

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  • I am excited to share with you my newly launched website! Woohoo! This website is a culmination of many small steps I have taken following the inspiration of my heart. I have met many amazing people who supported me, believed in me and laughed with me! To many to mention here but you all know who you are!...

  • At the end of January, I had a pleasure of attending two conferences at The Hague and in London. It was very exciting for me and at the same time a little strange because I was one of the speakers! It felt like I was......

  • Resilience is an inherent human quality. It is not something we have to work hard on or something we need to develop. Resilience is not something we have to do. It is who we are. The only problem is most people don’t know this. For......