About Dorothy

Do you want to improve wellbeing, address stress and create outstanding results?

Dorothy Martin is a wellbeing consultant, speaker, educator and facilitator.

She is committed to increasing awareness about human psychology in business to prevent burnout, enhance resilience, productivity and creativity and to enable people to find the best solutions to challenges of every-day work and life.

She works with Senior Leaders who are looking for an effective and innovative solutions to improving wellbeing, effectively addressing organisational stress and creating extraordinary results in business and the world.

Dorothy’s background spans fields of psychology, public health, and human nutrition. She worked in the field of public health and wellbeing for nearly 20 years as a behavioural change coach, public health strategist and organisational consultant.

Her special interest is in psychological wellbeing and specifically in understanding stress and resilience.

Dorothy has experience in the field of organisational wellbeing in the private, voluntary and public sector and is an expert in national and local policy in areas of workplace health and wellbeing and mental health promotion.

She has consulted with more than 100 organisations including NHS, John Lewis, M&C Saatchi, The Supreme Court of Justice and many more.

She is also an expert verifier for the prestigious London Healthy Workplace Award Scheme, endorsed by the Mayor of London and Public Health England.

In 2018, Dorothy received special recognition from the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan for her work on organisational wellbeing with the Healthy WorkplaceAward.

About Dorothy Martin

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