About Dorothy

About Dorothy Martin

We all want more wellbeing and less stress in our personal and professional lives.

We are constantly looking for new tips and recommendations on how to achieve that – from a healthy diet to superfoods, from yoga to rock climbing, from mindfulness to relaxation, and daily gratitude to a complete life make-over. We try our hardest and do our best to implement these tips and strategies.

But are we getting there? Are we living with more wellbeing and less stress?

Many organisations allocate a great deal of resources to wellbeing programmes, stress prevention plans and the development of resilient skillsets. But, despite all this effort, engagement and productivity stay low, relationships hinder progress, customer service suffers, innovation stalls, and chronic stress and burnout are becoming more and more common.

So, what is going on? Is the global epidemic of stress a sign of our times? Is it a product of 21st-century living? Or have our current approaches passed their sell-by date?

Dorothy is a leading authority in the field of wellbeing and stress. With her academic background and nearly 20 years of experience in the private and public sectors as a public health strategist, organisational wellbeing consultant and behavioural change expert, she helps people understand how to unlock wellbeing and how to turn stress into success to bring about the results we really want.

She is an organisational wellbeing consultant. She delivers keynotes, workshops and coaching. In her work, she brings a fresh perspective, opens new horizons and shines a light on the most important aspect of our human functioning – one that is completely overlooked and often missing in our current conversation about stress, mental health and wellbeing.

Dorothy doesn’t teach techniques or strategies. She will not add to your ‘to-do’ list. She won’t even ask you to make any changes at work or in life. She invites you to look in a completely different direction.

She takes a magnifying glass inside the human mind to help people understand how it works in the context of stress and wellbeing. She blends research and neuroscience with heart-warming stories to explain the mechanics of the human mind, challenging our beliefs and deeply ingrained ways of thinking. Most importantly, she makes it easy to use this knowledge to transform chronic stress into a doorway of opportunity to more wellbeing, productivity and extraordinary success.

Dorothy is a dynamic, passionate and impactful speaker and trainer. She leaves a lasting positive impact on her audiences and groups by sharing her own personal experience of burnout – which she calls ‘the worst and the best time of her life’ – and the insights that transformed her life as well as the lives of the clients and organisations she works with.

After her keynotes, people often ask – why has nobody told us this before? She opens minds and hearts and helps people see that they already have all the resources they need to experience more wellbeing, find their own solutions and transform their stress into success.

Dorothy is an expert in national policy in areas of workplace health and wellbeing as well as mental health. She has consulted with more than 100 organisations including the NHS, John Lewis, M&C Saatchi, the Supreme Court of Justice and many more. In 2017, 2018 and 2019 Dorothy received special recognition from the Mayor of London for her work on organisational wellbeing.

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