I felt nervous and I was worrying constantly about ‘doing the wrong thing’, making mistakes, speaking or acting out of turn at work. I had just started a new job, at an assistant level. I wanted to rise to become a manager in the future, but I couldn’t even imagine myself with the confidence and ability to get there and do a good job.

I was over-thinking everything, and avoiding tasks which were essential but which for whatever reason was making me feel ‘THE FEAR’.


It was fantastic. It was exactly what I needed to help me perform and grow in my job. The most helpful thing was having a safe, non-judgmental space to unload a week’s worth of the negative thoughts which would impact on my work, on me, and on my personal life. Dorothy would help me ‘see them’, sort through them, understand and learn from them, and eventually come to laugh at them.

Dorothy once said to me: ‘I believe anyone can do anything, with the right support’. That has really stuck with me, and along with the rest of the work we did together, it taught me that I really can do anything. I take risks more now and have learned that I am braver than I once thought. I am much better at dealing with mistakes than I thought I was, and can push away my fear of other people’s judgment or disapproval.

The biggest outcome was that right at the end of my fifteen months of working with Dorothy, I was promoted to manager! I honestly do not think that it could have happened without Dorothy’s support. It has had a huge impact on my career and personal life.


I am now able to understand the triggers and impact of certain situations on my thoughts and feelings and performance. After our sessions ended, I could still apply so much of the work we did together to my ongoing life, which was especially helpful when I was settling in to my new position.

I am now a different person at work. I am much more assertive with others. I am much stronger at silencing the voice in my head telling me I need to be 100% perfect at all times. The prospect of making mistakes does not fill me with dread; I have learned that I am actually quite good in a crisis!


“I’d say that with the right attitude towards it, coaching can unlock all the things that you wished for but tell yourself you can’t! Well I’m living proof you CAN.”