I felt that I was participating but not living my life. I developed a habit of leaving work late and it started having negative impact on my wellbeing and also on quality of my life. I needed guidance to make the most of my life and to achieve a better work/life balance.

I failed to live in the moment and did a lot thinking and over-analyzing everything. I had poor self-worth.


Interesting and life affirming experience.  Challenging at times. It is hard looking ‘inward’ sometimes and it was not always comfortable seeing what’s ‘inside’.

I realised that I have the mental capacity to make infinitely ambitious plans yet almost no time at all to put them into practice.

The regular conversations build my confidence and inspired hope and new beginnings.  It is good to learn and experiment within a safe environment and Dorothy has the right balance between supportive encouragement, kindness and toughness.


That I’m human and I don’t need to be so hard on myself.

I believe I now have the awareness and ability to see how I can get hijacked by unhelpful thinking. I am better at allowing myself some space to avoiding reacting. I have learned to allow the calm space and respond to situations from here.

The rucksack of bricks will always stay with me as a weight that was holding me back and was very clear in demonstrating how you can carry with you as much or as little as you choose.  My inner greyhound and learning not to chase what’s not important.  Letting the snow in the snow globe settle down and to not carry on floundering on through the blizzard.

I’m also allowing ‘good enough’ over perfection. It is more than ok to be kind to myself! I can put myself first sometimes and not feel responsible for everyone and everything.

I feel that in the rush through life there was much I had failed to notice or recognise but by paying more attention to the present and my thoughts and feelings, I can understand myself better and enjoy life more.  I can build on this in the coming months without the bad habits getting in the way and sapping my energy.

Thought clouds and feeling shadows are not influencing me as much as they used to. I am calmer.

The big one for me was learning that I don’t have to think my way out of situations or problems.


Life affirming. Just do it!