I remember having this feeling ‘something is wrong with me’. I haven’t had clarity and focus to realise what I wanted from work and relationships for many years.

I was putting a lot of effort and energy into all areas above but somehow, I was not seeing the results I thought I should have.

I was feeling increasingly anxious, stressed and tired. I had difficulty to sleep. I was always in a hurry and never had any time. This made me feel very frustrated with myself and others. I had very little patience for anyone and anything and somehow at the same time, I was feeling annoyed with myself for not being able to do so.


It turned my life upside down… in a good way! It opened a different perspective on life, work and relationships.

I now understand how my thinking works in practice and how it affects my experience of life on a daily basis. I realised that I don’t control thoughts, they exist as forms, older, new, collective or not. I have free will to choose which thought I act upon. I realise that I am creating the reality I experience at any given time. I realised that my feelings point to the state of consciousness in the particular moment. I feel with the body. I breathe, I give my feeling space and allow it to go… and flow…

The concept of ‘myself’ has been torn to pieces… in a good way! The realisation of old beliefs that have been in charge of my life has been profound and freeing: I don’t belong, I am not allowed, I am not recognised, I don’t want to be here, I don’t deserve love, I am this, I am that, she, he, they are like that’ and so on. I can laugh now. It seems so simple.

I am getting closer to the reality of who I really am. Love, peace and kindness is always there in everyone. I and others are whole no matter what. I am love and others are love. That is the only true reality now.


I am changing every moment. I am happier, more relaxed, more peaceful. Less thoughts in general, less negative thinking, less reaction, more awareness. I can see when I react from insecurity. I am aware and let it come and go easier, trusting what comes next as a balancing act.

Now I am living HERE not there.

I am aware of stories being created through thinking and as a result I can be much more accepting of myself and others.

I can see that what I experience as external is just a reflection of inside. I notice everyone being kinder to me, everywhere, offering me support. I see my ability to accept and to give from a very different place… a kinder heart. I can see the goodness in people and myself … aspects I ignored or rejected before. I see people and situations as gifts.

I can be curious and welcome perceived challenging situations. I see life…

When I sense inner conflict, I know I need to PAUSE. I know whatever is happening is right for me. Nothing is bad or good. I also know that everyone is going through their own process, so I do not have to save or preach to anybody. I experience others through my own process, so as I change so they do.

I also understood that there is no need to hide. I have realised a deep trust in life. When I see myself in the old story, I know it is the old story. That’s enough to bring me back to here and now. Having been an actor, I know it is a play! I am constantly making up narratives and acting as it goes… but now I see it!

I started writing again. I feel good when I do and I can share it with others.

My relationship with my partner is far more intimate than ever before. People closer to me are noticing my transformation.

If I was to describe the whole process in three simple words… it felt like coming back home.


Don’t wait! Just go for it. You are ready.