I felt confused, scared of commitment and afraid of my uncertain future. I didn’t believe in myself and I thought I needed to have control over everything in my life.

After many relationships’ disappointments, I had strong preconceptions about being unlovable. I didn’t believe that I could ever find ‘a right guy’. I also thought that I am not ‘a right girl’ and once someone gets to know the real me they will leave me. Deep down, I felt like I was broken, not good enough, and something was wrong with me.
I couldn’t find love.

At that point, I had a good job, and had just finished my nursing degree, life seemed ok, yet I was looking for something more – especially in the domain of relationships and love.

I started dating a guy a couple of months before I started working with Dorothy. I was really scared to get close to him and was worried about what the future would bring. I had high hopes that Dorothy would help me with my bad luck in relationships. I just wanted to be happy, be with someone who loves me for who I am. I wanted to have a happy and lasting relationship.


The coaching as a great experience. I didn’t know what to expect because I have never tried coaching but I can say that I got way more than what I expected.

I learned so much about myself. I have realised that I was overthinking everything. I realised that I was always playing the worst possible scenarios in my head hence I was constantly worried and anxious about the future! I realised I was acting from those scenarios! I realised how I was building walls around myself and not letting anyone in – especially men!

I learned to bring those walls down. That was an interesting process and it was huge for me. I allowed myself to be more open, vulnerable and more spontaneous in my relationship. I allowed my instinct to lead the way rather than my ‘monkey chatter mind’. It felt good and I started to feel more connected to my boyfriend.

I also didn’t believe I was ready to take the certification test in Operating Room Nursing. I thought I needed to work at least 2-3 more years before I would be ready. Dorothy asked me: What would I have to do during those 3 years to pass the test? I said – study for it. That was an eye opener. So, I started to study for it and passed it 6 months later with flying colors. I realized that I am the one who puts limits on myself and I don’t have to do it!


I am still with my boyfriend! I am much more open with him and much more spontaneous. We have been living in our house for nearly a year now and are both very happy. My relationships with others also improved.

I am less anxious and even if I feel it from time to time – I am ok with it. I understand how my thinking works and how it triggers my anxious feeling. I just let it pass rather than worry. I am much more relaxed.

I have discovered that I am more effective when I am not overthinking, not stressing and not worrying about things. I listen to my intuition and my heart much more.

I feel like I don’t have to and literally cannot control everything. Uncertainty is a part of life and I am fine with it. That’s liberating and freeing, taking the leap into working with Dorothy was definitely life changing, and I’m so glad I did!


I would say go for it. It is a life changing experience. You will learn how to be your best friend. You will do things that you never had courage to do before. You will have a chance to get clarity on what you want and connect with your deeper self. Coaching will help you become better at everything you do.