I was feeling very low and anxious. I had no confidence in myself. I have gone through a painful breakup and my little nephew was diagnosed with a serious health condition.

I quit my job and isolated myself from my family, friends and colleagues. I suffered with severe anxiety and was unable to relax, rest, eat and even sleep. As a result, I ended up in the hospital.

I was chasing after approval from everyone. I constantly wanted people’s approval and compliments and at the same time I couldn’t trust it. I was exhausted.

I felt like I wasn’t good enough. I was scared that I will not be able to be happy again.


My first meeting with Dorothy was over zoom. I remember I could hardly speak because I just kept crying. One thing I will never forget is the feeling of hope I started to feel during our conversation. I felt HOPE and that’s why I signed up for the programme.

I have tried counselling and cognitive-behavioural therapy before but this programme was different. Instead of talking about the past and relieving every painful experience, it was all about how the present moment can impact on my future by understanding my thinking.

I have learned that my thoughts trigger my feelings so if I am thinking negatively, I will feel negative and bad. I realised that thinking negative thoughts will only make me feel upset and continue the vicious cycle of negativity. I realised that when I think negative thoughts, I act in a negative way and that’s not helpful. I learned not to let bad thoughts overcome me.

I have learned from my own negative behaviour patterns. I am now able to be more understanding of others too. I realised that people have their own reasons to act in a particular way and it is not really about me.

I have learned to look at things from different perspectives. This horrible feeling of being stuck is gone.

The whole process was very positive and life-changing.


Amazing! I feel like a different person. I feel a lot more confident and much happier.

I know now that when I’m feeling stressed or triggered, it is a sign that my thinking is triggered and stressed. I give myself a moment and to let my emotions calm down before I react to situations.

I get on better with everyone in my family. I am not as reactive as I was before.

I have been offered an amazing new role in London. I’ve always wanted to work in London but my confidence was low and I never even considered it. I am enjoying the role and meeting new people. And I am loving London!

I am waiting for someone who I feel a real connection with to get into a relationship. I am not in a hurry.

I started to believe in myself. I started to value myself. I don’t chase for approval. I feel much happier in my whole life.


Don’t wait! It’s life-changing.