I was very anxious. I felt nervous and stressed all the time. I couldn’t relax. I felt self-conscious and had no confidence. I was full of self-doubt and even some of my friends said … I was becoming paranoid!

My anxiety was especially overwhelming at work. I was constantly feeling that I was not good enough, not capable to deal with my tasks. It was having a huge impact on my performance and on my relationship with my manager.

I stopped wanting to go to work. This started to take over my personal life too and I was becoming distant from people and started doing fewer social activities. My performance at work became so bad that colleagues started to notice… It made me feel terrible!


It was such a good space to get things off my chest and discus my problems. It felt so good to be able to tell someone about what has been happening for me. I remember I just wanted to talk and talk… I wanted to tell everything and I felt safe to do so without censorship. I felt safe, trusted and understood. It was very comforting to be listened to and to know that I was not alone.

It taught me a different way of thinking about anxiety and I found it extremely useful.

I thought that my work was a major cause of my anxiety … and then I realised that my thinking about work was a major cause of my anxiety. And that’s a big difference!

I started to notice that my anxious feeling fluctuates and it reflects fluctuations in my thinking … and I didn’t have to do anything about it! I also noticed that my anxious feeling always eventually passes and a calmer mental state always returns. This was such an important breakthrough for me. It helped me not to be scared by my anxiety … because I realised that it was just like a wave washing through me … and I started to notice more and more moments when I felt calm and relaxed.

The key thing was learning that I didn’t have to give in to this anxious feeling. It was just a feeling! It didn’t have to stop me. I started to become more confident and taking more risks. I started to speak out in meetings… at the beginning I still felt anxious but somehow, I still did it.

I also started to open up to people and most of my colleagues shared with me that they also feel anxious when speaking in meetings.


I generally feel happier, calmer and more relaxed at work and in my personal life, which is great.

My confidence returned and I don’t pay nearly as much attention to my ‘not good enough’ thinking! I take more risks at work. I say – YES – to projects that I want to do. I try my best. I ask for help.

My productivity and quality of my work improved. My manager noticed that too. This makes me very happy.

I started to go out more and enjoy meeting new people. I am more open and honest with people.

I still feel anxious from time to time. The difference is that I it is not as overwhelming as it was. Also, I don’t think I have to become ‘anxiety-free’. Somehow, I don’t think it’s necessary and even possible. I and am not scared of my anxiety. I now know that mental clarity will always find me.


Don’t waste your time! Just go for it! It is liberating and will help you to feel good about yourself again!