Before we started our coaching sessions, I was feeling very anxious and experiencing panic attacks when leaving the house. I was recovering from a mini stroke and was also on new medication for osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. My GP had also prescribed antidepressants as I was suffering tearfulness and low mood.

These issues had a huge impact on my everyday life: I was unable to work, I was unable to socialise, I was physically unwell and was suffering extreme fatigue.

These issues also had a huge impact on my relationships causing close family and friends to be concerned and worried about me which often felt overbearing and suffocating.

I felt I wanted more time on my own to withdraw…. I then felt guilty for feeling like this!!


I have found your coaching invaluable.

I was also receiving support from our local wellbeing service via telephone, and occupational health in my workplace, but this felt different. Although the local therapists were both very nice, I didn’t feel like I was learning anything new and I didn’t feel it was making a huge impact on my recovery.

Throughout our conversations, I started to learn something new. I had several insights and I found them very helpful and impactful:

  • Control of my emotions: I have realised that I don’t have to consciously try and control my emotions. All I have to do is: NOTHING…. This is probably the biggest revelation for me and has had a huge impact on my recovery. DO NOTHING – just let the thoughts come and go. Feelings come from thoughts. They are not “real” things, if you let the thoughts go and flow through your head the feelings will also lighten and won’t be as scary.
  • The snow globe effect: I have practiced this when travelling on a long journey and again it’s changed my life! Visualising my thoughts inside my head as a big swirling jumble and acknowledging that they are just thoughts, letting them settle and through that letting my mind become clear and calm. This worked really well for me!
  • Searching for answers: I realised there aren’t any answers! This realisation helped me to lift a huge weight off my mind. I was able to stop over-thinking, over-analysing and googling constantly…

Right now, when I feel myself becoming anxious and those negative feelings start stirring up inside me, I know I have the above strategies to return to. I don’t look for a distraction to my thoughts and feelings but I acknowledge them and let them come.

This allowed me to find and feel an inner peace and to feel grounded within my core. I don’t feel scared.


I have certainly come a long way over the past few months. During our conversations, we were able to explore specific thoughts and feelings and you helped me to understand where my anxieties were coming from.

I feel more confident in who I am, including confidence in acknowledging thoughts and feelings inside me and knowing how to cope with these.

I have found a calm peacefulness within myself, deep within my core – feeling grounded and at peace. Previously I felt tight, anxious and knotted up within myself but that has now disappeared.

I feel I have learnt something new, something that worked for me very well. I will continue to use this understanding throughout my life and for that I am so grateful for your help and support.

Ah… and I did start my own business which has been therapeutic in my recovery!

Check it out:


Invaluable. Highly recommend!


I started the Bee Natural Wax Melts as a therapeutic hobby when I was unable to work for several months. I have always had an interest in making natural, aromatherapy products and my daughter Amy is creative and artistic so we decided to combine our skills and here we are!

Our wax melts are hand poured by ourselves and hand finished. We use premium natural beeswax, organic coconut oil and biodegradable soy waxes for our melts, combined with pure essential aromatherapy oils or popular fragrance oils. Even our glitter is biodegradable!

It is very important for us to proudly say all our packaging is recyclable and plastic free and we are compliant with all EU classification, labelling and packaging regulations!

We can all do our bit to look after our planet and environment, even planting some bee friendly plants in your garden, or sprinkling some wild flower seeds will help to ensure our bees are with us for many years to come. We have planted a lavender border here at Bee Natural Wax Melts HQ and it is lovely to watch the little bees buzzing around and collecting pollen.