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With warm and relaxed style and quirky sense of humour, Dorothy puts audiences at ease and offers insightful and impactful space to recharge and learn.

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Talks and Keynotes


How to Turn Stress to Success

… in three simple steps

From Stress to Success

Stress has a bad name but it doesn’t have to be a problem. In fact, when you understand how stress really works you are empowered to face challenges with ease, clarity and confidence … and achieve outstanding results!

After this engaging keynote, your delegates will:

  • Learn about stress as an intelligent and life affirming instinct
  • Recognise that stress doesn’t have to be harmful
  • Understand what triggers stress in today’s work and life
  • Apply three simple steps to face challenges with clarity and confidence
  • Inspired to know how to turn stress into success

This is a thought-provoking and feel good talk packed with practical information that will change the way you think about stress. This talk is perfect for conferences, learning and development events and wellbeing days.


The Key to Wellbeing

how to avoid burnout and thrive


In this heart-warming talk, Dorothy takes audiences on a journey of reflection and enquiry. She asks fundamental questions and shares pivotal moments from her life, from wanting to achieve success, through burnout, to realising her innate health and learning to navigate her life from a completely fresh perspective.

After this engaging keynote, your delegates will:

  • Learn what wellbeing is and how to have more of it
  • Recognise typical ways of achieving wellbeing
  • Learn what is burnout and why it is so common
  • Discover a new perspective on wellbeing
  • Realise what is the key to lasting wellbeing

This is a thought-provoking talk that will challenge the way you think about wellbeing. This talk is a perfect talk for conferences, learning and development events and wellbeing days.

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