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Dorothy is an expert wellbeing consultant aiming to increase awareness about human psychology in business to prevent burnout, enhance resilience, creativity and productivity and as a result facilitate environments where people and organisations can grow, thrive and prosper. 

Dorothy offers expertise in strategy development, keynote speaking, facilitation and delivery of workshops, and executive coaching.

Imagine workplaces with more…

  • Engagement and Productivity
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Health and Resilience
  • Flourishing Relationships
  • Success in achieving results

imagine workplaces with less…

  • Inefficiency and Unproductivity
  • Stress and Burn-out
  • Sickness and Apathy
  • Difficult Relationships
  • Failure in achieving results

Clients include:

Royal Lancaster London
Marlin Waterloo

How does it work?

It’s simple! We schedule a meeting to discuss your current needs, your priorities and aspirations for the future. I will then develop a bespoke proposal for you to fully support you and to enable your organisation to flourish.



If you are an employer looking for talks to uplift, inspire and energise your workforce – look no further!

With warm and relaxed style and her quirky sense of humour, Dorothy puts audiences at ease and offers insightful and impactful space to recharge and learn.

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Most training sessions provide highly structured content to tell you how to address problems.

Dorothy teaches about mechanism of insight and power of human mind to guide people to effectively use this knowledge to solve their own problems with resiliency, creativity and innovation.

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Dorothy Martin Coaching

Everyone longs to be successful.

Growing body of neuroscience confirms, coaching can profoundly help clients respond more calmly to stress, make choices more easily, and become more creative. This inevitably leads to more effective, successful and fulfilling lives.

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When it comes to your experience of work and life, would you describe yourself as flourishing, just functioning or maybe even failing?

In this signature talk, Dorothy takes audiences on a journey of reflection and enquiry. She asks fundamental questions and shares pivotal moments from her life, from wanting to achieve success through many trials and obstacles including burnout, to accessing her innate health and learning to navigate work and life with wellbeing, clarity and fulfilment.

  • How do we achieve successful, happy and fulfilling lives?
  • What is burnout and why it is so common?
  • What is the secret to lasting wellbeing?
  • What flourishing really means and where does it start?

This is an introduction to wellbeing. It consists of: happiness, resilience, fulfilment, presence and connection which are the themes of Dorothy’s expert sessions (see below).

During this talk, each participant receives a short questionnaire handout and a pair of party glasses as a constant reminder of the power of perception.

Are you ready?

Unlock your wellbeing today!

How to Flourish
Dorothy Martin Speaker


These are the foundations for a healthy, productive and flourishing culture of any organisation.

The Fulfilment Coach Dorothy Martin Workplace Wellbeing Corporate



So what does the research tell us? Well, happy employees, are twice as productive, have six times more energy and stay in the role twice as long.

Happiness broadens habitual ways of thinking and opens wider perspective. It reflects more accurate mental maps of the world and helps us see opportunities.

Imagine! You can learn to purposefully experience more positive emotions. This is a happiness infusion.

The Fulfilment Coach Dorothy Martin Workplace Wellbeing Corporate


How to thrive

When stressful events happen in our work and life, evolution has hardwired us to go into the fight or flight response. This mechanism served us well across millennia, but in modern life, it is often counterproductive and even harmful to the things that matter most to us.

Learn to understand stress better to face it with an attitude of empowerment, clarity and creativity.

Get in touch today and help your team to discover their inner bounce.


What is your WHY

The search for meaning is an intrinsic human quality. Discovering purpose is also about discovering personal values, strengths and knowing our true self.

People who realised their purpose are naturally curious, resilient, creative and have much higher life and work satisfaction.

Those who can understand their WHY are likely to have greater levels of interest, performance and engagement. This is the time for big questions!


Creating Ripples

Fulfilment means working towards results that matter to us most.

Fulfilment means that we have passion, self-motivation and grit not to give up in the face of setbacks but to fulfil and share our gifts.

Accomplishment that is aligned with purpose immensely enhances our wellbeing. When we can look back on our work and life knowing that we have shared our gifts – we feel deeply fulfilled.

How big are the ripples you are going to create?


Engagement is Presence

Being present simply means being engaged in life and work. How present are you today?

When we are present we lose track of time. This is where we are at our best. Psychology calls this state – flow.

This session explores extraordinary qualities of being present and the extraordinary space where being and doing meet. This is an invitation to experience a present moment.

It’s a sprinkle of magic.


Flourishing Relationships

We all are looking to experience a deeper connection with others.

This session provides a space for authentic and honest conversation, exploration of rapport, separate realities and deep listening.

Understanding where our experience of other people comes from simplifies relationships and opens the door to clearer communication, kindness, compassion and deeper connection.

Come and see others with fresh eyes.

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