Personal Fulfilment

Is this you?

  • Do you feel you are achieving less than you should?
  • Do you feel under unpleasant level of pressure?
  • Do you feel anxious or overwhelmed?
  • Are you easily irritated by small problems?
  • Have you found yourself to be increasingly cynical or critical?
  • Do you find it difficult to stay productive and focused?
  • Do you feel drained physically and emotionally?
  • Is your satisfaction with work and life decreasing?


Imagine what would your life be like with less stress?

What if it is possible to achieve what really matters with more ease?

How would you be in your life if you discovered a more effective way of overcoming challenges?

Imagine living with more…

  • Ease and Flow
  • Clarity and Calm
  • Passion and Inspiration
  • Harmonious Relationships
  • Success that matters most

Imagine living with less…

  • Effort and Struggle
  • Confusion and Anxiety
  • Apathy and Exhaustion
  • Discordant Relationships
  • Defeat and Failure

How does it work?

It’s simple! We connect for a coffee or on Skype to talk about what is going on for you and what would you like to change.
We then choose and tailor a programme that can fully support you in getting where you want to be.

My One to One Coaching Programmes

The Fulfilment Coach Dorothy Martin Personal Fulfilment Clarity


This is a short programme designed to help you get clear about a specific issue and to take an effective action forward. You can bring anything that has been endlessly going round in your head or slightly weighing you down.

It may be something that you are looking to resolve, complete, move on from or to move towards? A decision, direction or more freedom?

The Fulfilment Coach Dorothy Martin Personal Fulfilment Results


This is a 3-month coaching programme to inspire you, to enable you … and to light you up … to achieve your goal with ease, flow, creativity and enjoyment. Many people believe that achieving a goal is hard. Many think that it takes a long time, requires a huge effort and unbroken commitment. Sometimes, it is true but there is ANOTHER WAY. Thankfully, getting results doesn’t have to be a glacial process!

The Fulfilment Coach Dorothy Martin Personal Fulfilment


This programme is for you if are ready to harness the fullest potential and power within yourself to TRANSITION from old to new, to TRANSFORM at the deepest level of self, and to TRANSCEND problems, barriers and limitations to move to a completely new level of creativity, freedom, connection and fulfilment in your professional and private life.

Free Introductory Session

I encourage everyone to start with a one-off introductory session. It is a 30-minute session and it’s free of charge. Then you can decide if you want to go further.

My Work With Groups

I also offer transformational workshops for groups. Some people just find that the group dynamic provides the best environment for them. They enjoy belonging to a close and supportive group of like-minded people, sharing their experiences and their journey.

I have enjoyed working with many groups, both large and small, in my career. For me, it is always a great experience, whether we work together for one session, a small number of intensive, focused sessions, or over a longer period of time.

Upcoming Workshops

How To Flourish

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