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Dorothy teaches about insight and power of human mind to guide people to solve their own problems with resilience, clarity, creativity and confidence.

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How to Turn Stress to Success

From Stress to Success

This is an insight-based programme which helps people to understand mechanics of perception and insight in order to maximise resilience, creativity and effectiveness in any circumstances for best outcomes.

After the programme your team will:

  • Understand how stress works
  • Learn about psychology of perception and insight
  • Realise how to access resilience
  • Learn steps to face challenges with clarity and confidence
  • Feel energised by a completely fresh perspective on stress

This is a two-day programme which is tailored to your needs. This is a perfect programme for any team challenged by stress, wanting to achieve higher levels of resilience, creativity and productivity or those who are facing a real time challenge.

Wellbeing Bootcamp

Wellbeing Bootcamp

One in six employees are experiencing anxiety or depression at any given time. Poor mental health is always amongst the top reasons for sickness absence across all sectors.

Wellbeing Bootcamp aims to raise awareness about mental health and enhance wellbeing in the workplace.

After the programme your team will:

  • Understand what is wellbeing
  • Know how to support positive mental health
  • Learn about symptoms of common mental health problems
  • Be able to effectively support people with poor mental health
  • Feel confident to know how to enhance wellbeing at work

If you are an employer seeking to increase awareness about mental health and wellbeing and empower your staff – this training session is for you.

Listening Skills for Managers

Listening Skills for Managers

Have you ever spoken to someone who made you feel like you were the only person in the world at that moment? How did that make you feel?

Listening is more than a valuable social habit, it is a transformative communication tool. This session is an opportunity to intentionally deepen your capacity to listen in a way that leads to enhanced wellbeing, better performance and harmonious relationships.

Come and learn three simple steps to cultivate and nurture this essential superpower for deeper connection at your work and life.

Coaching Skills For Managers

Coaching Skills for Managers

In our busy environment, it’s easy to lose sight of the value of real connection, listening and nurturing others.

As our workplaces become more and more complex, there is an urgent need for us to work together to lead harmoniously and effectively. Relationship intelligence is paramount to our success.

This training promotes self-awareness and understanding of relationships in order to create an environment where individuals can feel connected, supported and successful in achieving what matters most.

How to Be The Best Version of You

Best Version of You

What fills you up? What nourishes you? What makes your heart skip a beat? What’s the fizz in your ginger ale? When are you most alive?

In this playful session, you will be introduced to two simple approaches successful people use to discover and stay connected to the best version of themselves every single day. You will learn the number one – in fact the only reason – that stops everyone being at their best and the unexpected key this realisation holds to unlocking five-star results.

Come and ignite your brilliance!

Taking Responsibility For Own Reality


Stop for a moment. Look around you. Do you experience your environment as it really is? Or do you create your own experience of reality?

In this ever so slightly mind-blowing masterclass, Dorothy takes human psychology under the magnifying glass to reveal the ‘operating system’ working behind the scenes of your perceptions and observations. You will be introduced to three psychological principles that govern your entire experience of work and life.

This is pretty cool stuff! Don’t miss it!


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