Are you lost in a thinking snowstorm?

Dorothy Martin Speaker

Are you lost in a thinking snowstorm?

At the end of January, I had a pleasure of attending two conferences at The Hague and in London. It was very exciting for me and at the same time a little strange because I was one of the speakers!

It felt like I was in a time-lapse. I used to love attending conferences to hear inspirational speakers. I remember sitting in the audience thinking… Wow! Those speakers are amazing! I wish I could do this. But the chatter in my head would start immediately…. you have nothing to say…you are not good enough…

Today I can see it clearly and I know that the only reason I was participating as a speaker was because I stopped listening to this loud chatter.

But most of my life I listened to it. I simply believed it was true. I lived like a ‘racehorse’. I was in a frenzy hurry to become a ‘good enough race horse’. And my chatter was saying… Go faster! You are not there yet! On reflection, I can tell you that I never ‘got there’! I tried and tried until I burned out.

And one day, I suddenly I realized what was going on. I realized that my mind was like a SNOW GLOBE. I was shaking it so hard – by believing the chatter, taking it for real and acting on it! All my thoughts… swirling around in my mind like snow-flakes. I was simply caught in a snowstorm. I was confused, exhausted and completely lost.

The coolest thing is I realized that I can stop shaking the globe. The snow-globe when left alone… settles… on its own…

Snow-storm passed. I looked around and the view was fresh and crisp clear…

One day an invitation to speak at the conference arrived. My heart said yes in a split of a second, my chatter has followed but this time I was wiser. I knew what was going on. I knew I didn’t have to listen to it. I followed my heart.

I know that a lot of us are tricked by the chatter. We all have gifts inside of us, all of us. Without the noise of our chatter we can see clearly… allowing our gifts and our life to unfold in the most beautiful ways.

Dorothy xx

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