Do you love the present?

Do you love the present?

Do you love the present?

It’s my husband’s birthday tomorrow. I am excited as I wrap his gifts. I imagine his face lighting up and a loud ‘Wow!’ when he sees his presents. And then an anxious thought creeps in. ‘What if he doesn’t like them?’

This thought seems pretty realistic as he, the little rascal, has a habit of scrunching his nose up at all the bounty he receives! It has become a cherished family joke at Christmas. We all participate in it and we all laugh. We make funny faces of polite appreciation or join in with him in his blaring ‘Haha for God’s sake!’

Now you must understand that my husband is an amazing performer, a natural-born comic, and he absolutely adores this annual family tradition. He is also the kindest, most loving and generous man I know – and extremely difficult to buy presents for…

My sister takes me to one side and asks: ‘Do you think Paul would like this mini fruit chopper?’ By the way, he loves kitchen gadgets so she is on to a winner. She drags me to the kitchen to show me the goods and get the golden seal of approval. We giggle, sparkles in our eyes. ‘It’s perfect,’ I say.

As we drive home after the celebrations, I stroke his head when he jokes, ‘I hoped for something more…’ We both laugh! And as we do, ‘I hoped for something more’ echoes inside me…

Honestly, I catch myself hoping for something more pretty often! I used to suffer from it really badly.

How often do you think, ‘I hoped for something more?’

What if our only job in life is to love what we have? What if our only job is to love with all our hearts the bounty of life – the good, the bad and the ugly. What if…

I needed a heartbreak and full-blown burnout to get the message. What do you need?

I’d say you don’t need anything else. Just ask yourself, ‘Do I love the present?’

Pause. You may notice your mind going off on a bit of a tangent here. I hoped for this and that… this should and that… she shouldn’t… he shouldn’t… It’s all OK.

But don’t stop there – pause and look beyond the storytelling of your mind. Take a deep breath and go in… here…

I’ll ask you again, quietly…


I will keep asking until you’ll find it… Perhaps loving what we are given is our only job? And if we don’t, then perhaps our job is not done?


With Love
Dorothy xx

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