On heartbreak, deeper knowing and following breadcrumbs…

On heartbreak, deeper knowing and following breadcrumbs…

On heartbreak, deeper knowing and following breadcrumbs…

I have just finished a call with my dear friend Lisa Berkovitz, a transformative coach and truly amazing woman. Lisa’s guiding motto in life and business is ‘How good can you stand it?’ – I love it! Do you?

Our conversation was the first in my new series ‘Wherever You Are, You Can Flourish’. The idea for the series is simple – I want you to know that wherever you are in your life right now and whatever is going on for you – you can flourish.

A few years ago, I went through a difficult time and thought that my life would never work out the way I wanted. I could say it was the worst time of my life, but it was also the best. It was the best because it has awakened me to a new way of being in life. Since then my life has changed in the most unexpected of ways and I want to share with you what I’ve learned. I also want to connect you with the people who have inspired, supported and encouraged me. And Lisa is one of those people.

As an appetiser for the full conversation (you will be able to find on my vlog page in January), I am going to share two reflections from Lisa’s and my own journey.

The first one is about vulnerable moments in life; moments of heartbreak, depression or anxiety – you name it. Those moments, as uncomfortable as they can be, are often deeply insightful and transformative. Those moments are the ground zero. Not always, but often they are the turning points and new beginnings. Lisa says, during those moments we are much more sensitive , emotional pain opens us up. Perhaps sometimes we need darkness to see the light?

During my dark night of the soul, I realised one single thing that transformed me and is continuously transforming my life. I realised how my mind works. I become fully aware that my experience was generated by thought. Boom! In a moment of insight, I saw my heavy, depressing and exhausting thoughts dominating my psychology and emotionally weighing me down. In that moment, I realised that it was my thinking that was drowning me – and not my life! I saw my thinking and the havoc it created… I saw that I was looking at my life, people in my life and myself through thinking glasses… I will never forget this… In that moment, I saw life  with fresh eyes…

During that time, I used to think that something was wrong with me. I thought I was broken and beyond fixing. I was wrong. I now know that we are never broken. We are always whole. We are always complete. The only thing that can happen is that we can have a thought that we are not and we believe it.

The second reflection is about listening to your deeper knowing. Some people call it intuition or inspiration, some call it wisdom. Whatever the name – we all have it! Have you been listening? Have you been taking steps? As Lisa says, deep down we all know. Knowing is not the problem. Listening to it may be. So today I ask you to listen and start taking small steps…

What do you love doing?
What gives you joy?
What makes your heart skip a beat?
What comes to you with ease?
What is the smallest step you can take in this direction today?

How good can you stand it?

Your intuition may not give you the detailed plan how to get from A to B. It often doesn’t work like that. But it will gently nudge you… It may be as simple as following an inspiration to message someone or to buy a new dress! It was for me… Follow the breadcrumbs, as Lisa says, because they are leading to your fullest and best life. That’s how it all started for Lisa and for me. And it can for you too… trust it.

I invite you to listen to the full conversation (available in January!) and share your reflections, comments and questions. And know that wherever you are… you can flourish!

Dorothy xx

If you would like to find out more about amazing Lisa Berkovitz, visit her at: www.lisaberkovitz.com

If you are going through a difficult time and want to talk – don’t hesitate – email me on info@dorothymartin.com and we will arrange a time chat. I would love to hear from you x

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