Encouragement of light

Encouragement of light

Encouragement of light

I love flowers. Even during the busiest of days – they make me pause. They draw me in.

Imagine for a moment that you are a flower. Your petals are drawn in tightly around your face. If you can see anything at all … it is only a speck of light.

One day you feel the warmth of the sun and things start to change. Your bud begins to soften. Your creased petals loosen a little and they begin to reach outward … opening little by little exposing your beautiful face. You are able to see more and more. And the world can see you too – in your full beauty, magnificence and glory.

Light is essential to growth of all plants. Plants know this. They instinctively turn toward the light, stretching themselves, opening up to take in as much sun as they can. Scientist call it the heliotropic effect.

Similar heliotropic effect has been described in people. But not all of us know about this.

People who experience higher levels of wellbeing, often called thriving or flourishing, simply understand that to be able to grow, expand, open up, they also need to turn towards light.

Our thoughts pass through our minds like clouds in the sky. They cast shadows over us.

What kind of thoughts regularly arise in your mind?

What kind of weather are you experiencing?

When we look silently at the clouds, we are simply witnessing the clouds. We notice that they are slowly passing by… many types: cumulus, stratus, nimbus … they are passing through, decorating the sky and casting shadows…

When we look silently at our thoughts, we are simply witnessing the thoughts. We notice that they are also passing by… many types: worried thoughts, happy thoughts, anxious thoughts, grateful thoughts…they are passing through our mind and also casting shadows… feeling shadows.

Thought after thought. Cloud after cloud. Sometimes it is easy to get completely lost in thoughts…

But, if we look long enough, we will notice spaces between clouds … spaces between thoughts… the light is always shining through the gaps…

Don’t dwell on clouds. Don’t get lost in thoughts. Look for the gaps. Turn towards light.

Always turn towards light.

With Love,


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