What is a real-life solution to stress?

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What is a real-life solution to stress?

Did you know that Stress Awareness has been held every April, since 1992? That’s incredible! It makes April 2019 – its 27th year running!

So, I have a question … do you think we are now more or less stressed than 27 years ago?

During April, I will be joining forces to increase awareness about both the causes and cures for the modern-day epidemic of stress. My aim is to offer you a new perspective on stress and present you with a real-life solution that empowers people to maximise resilience, creativity and effectiveness in any circumstances, without practising strategies and adding to our do lists.

But, let’s start from looking at the figures…

• 85% adults experience stress on regular basis
• 15.4 million working days were lost due to stress in UK in 2018
• Workplace stress costs the UK economy a total of 8 billion per year

According to the NICE business case for organisations with 1000 employees, the annual cost of poor mental health is estimated to be more than £835,000. Addressing stress effectively could result in cost savings of 30% or more. This equals to a cost saving of more than £250,000 per year!

So yes… stress can affect everyone. However, ability to effectively address it, can significantly reduce those costs and most importantly can lead to increased wellbeing, resilience and productivity on individual, team and organisational levels.

And that’s exactly what the programme ‘From Stress to Success’ offers.

Firstly, it helps people understand mechanics of our human psychology in relation to stress and resilience so that we don’t have to manage stress and work hard developing resilience. Secondly, it teaches how to access resilience, clarity and creativity in any circumstances to achieve the best outcomes. Understanding stress creates powerful and positive change on individual and organisational levels.

Drop me a message to find out more and download a copy from my website www.dorothymartin.com

Let’s turn our stress into success!

I look forward to hearing from you soon,



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